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Taclo 15 anniversary

Talco, BlowFuse, Los Fastidios, 360Flip & Le Iene @CS Rivolta, 21st Dec 2019

Talco: 15 years, one heart

To celebrate their 15 years of career, the great Italian ska-punk band, Talco, decided to do a small tour around Europe and to end it at CS Rivolta in Marghera, the space that allows them to grow up. Nothing better than a big party dedicated to unity to celebrate this end of the punk year! So here we are, on December 21st to celebrate Talco together with four great bands: Le Iene, 360Flip, Los Fastidios and Blowfuse.

Le Iene are the ones who open the dances. We have often talked about this band and with their upbeat rhythms and really good lyrics they really know how to warm up the audience and speed up the show. A really good start!

We move to the small stage, set up for the evening in the Rivolta’s main hangar, and we also move to another genre with 360Flip, another young band that has a lot of energy. And so here we are all moving our heads with their fast-paced hardcore punk. Give them a try!

Back on the main stage, after a short break among stands and drinks, it is time to listen to one of the historical bands of Italian punk: Los Fastidios! Mixing perfectly rude sounds and oi with new ska and rocksteady rhythms, Enrico and the boys manage to let dance even the stiffest of the sticks. And then there is their unmistakable energy, their passion, their carrying on a message for years and years, always remaining faithful, always united. A special thanks to Los Fastidios, for always reminding us who we are!

A few minutes break and then the cyclone that I was patiently waiting for arrived: Blowfuse! Hardcore punk, melodies, beating bass, and a lot of madness: this is the magic formula of this Spanish band. If you have never seen them live, the advice is to recover immediately!

After their crazy show, you just have to get a good drink and go to the main stage to wait for the end of the party! In two hours set, or maybe more, Talco gives to the public all their best songs, taken from all the albums, with moving back and forth between past and present but without ever losing their energy and their charisma. Magic moment: Adelmo Cervi on stage with a wonderful speech and a truly united chorus for Bella Ciao. These are the moments that we need, that are good and that remind us that our heart always beats for anti-fascism. And so, this magical evening flies away, an evening of union and passion, an anniversary that is by no means a farewell but only a move forward, full speed ahead, to continue the fight.

And here’s the photogallery by Francesco Dose:

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