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Den!ed | The Darkest Timeline

The darkest timeline, but not for punk

It was a quiet afternoon back in March, the birds’ chirping filled the silence that washed away the minutes when suddenly Simon from Den!ed, a band I was already familiar with musically, hits me up and poses my attention to their newest work “The Darkest Timeline”.

All of a sudden, I got hit with a devastating skatepunk wave and my day takes another turn, I immediately fell in love with this EP and the main riff for “Adrenalized” wouldn’t leave my brain for days on end. What Den!ed (a three-piece band formed in 2018 in Belgium) puts on the table is modern melodic hardcore, the one with all those crazy riffs and complex song structures, the one that I personally adore.

The Darkest Timeline”, while maybe a bit too raw on production, left me with a huge smile on my face and really wanting to play it again and again, making some really skillful songwriting its strong point.

Songs like the aforementioned “Adrenalized”, “Frey” (which hits hard on a lyrical level too) and “Fuck the bad guys” are a sonic slap to the listener’s face, some real neck-breaking machines in which the guitars show themselves with genius riffs, but also

some occasional solos that never miss the target and serve to prove how talented these guys are, while the rhythmic section feels just devastating through speed and pinpoint precision.

Black sails” and “Circle of lies”, instead, slow things down a little, making you really appreciate some really catchy melodies and thought-about song structures. A special mention goes, lastly, to the vocals that deliver some good melodies on top of this skatepunk heavyweight, and to the graphics that are really pleasing to look at! In conclusion, Den!ed’s talent is on full display on this little gem that I strongly recommend you listen to if you’re a fan of the more modern side of melodic hardcore, because even in the “Darkest Timeline” we’re living in, there’s still some pretty amazing music if you know where to look for it!

Written and translated by Teo

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