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The video of “Memori”, latest work by Turn Against, is out

New DIY video by the group from Comacchio

Turn Against strike again, their narrative takes you into the deep and slow dimension of rage, a tightening, hoarse, howled vocal full of words which must be heard over and over again.
Their path, their nearly experimental hardcore, continues with “Memori” taking the ranks of their previous album, “Desert”, this time bringing to light two instrumental interludes which accompany the three vocal tracks of the EP.
The video in its simplicity has a strong impact, scenes of everyday life in the padanian suburbs and flashes of rebellion, there we clearly perceive  the message, with the only help of tape on the microphone, wood stoves, garden gnomes, valleys of fog so generous of spirits born good, become bad. This quiet life really scares, and we’ll see how the young Turn Against will follow time and stages.

You can’t say what you did,
You can’t do what you said.

Remember that Radio Punk is one of the co-producers of this EP, we have copies available, so don’t hesitate to contact us!


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