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Top 10 ACAB songs

Our chart is back, this time it’s top 10 ACAB songs + 3 bonuses

Some weeks ago I was scheduling a possible column about charts along with Radio Punk, while I opened files in my brain to find a proper booklet where to put a few songs in squares, I found myself stopped by police and as always their ilarity and will to fuck around has hit me and made me as pleasant as a cactus on the balls. During the lockdown we were abused by order’s superheroes, willing to make their jurisdiction heard in a Texan sheriff style (Remember: John Wayne was a nazi) so I was persuaded to throw a ranking of the five best punk songs against police AKA top ACAB punk songs.

Clearly this site’s scheduling isn’t daily and while this amusing article was waiting to be published, here’s the cold bath, in the USA a man is killed in a humiliating and inhuman way, like a dog in the street, black slaughter meat, George Floyd chokes under “the violent lawful knee”, popular rage is unleashed, the rest is history. Willing to give a worthy soundtrack to the riot, we decided to broaden to 10, plus the usual three bonus songs, this week’s chart, hoping you’ll join numerous here’s the…

TOP 10 ACAB Punk Songs

10) Fugazi – Great Cop

“got a lot of questions for me”. First rule of a good policeman is to ask useless questions that won’t be useful neither to him nor you.

9) Dead Kennedys – Police Truck

Jello always knows what’s right, listen to Jello!

8) The Kids – Fascist Cops

Belgian Punk pioneers are too often forgotten, good vibes of yesteryear.

7) Black Flag – Police Story

A ranking like this won’t be lacking of any old school hardcore. Nobody knows how to foster rage like Black Flag do.

6) Clash – Police on my back

Sorry, today I’m classic.

5) Discharge – Protest and survive

“The savage mutilation of the human race is set on course
Protest and survive

4) MDC – Kill all the Cops

Millions Dead Cops I suppose are the band who pissed off more conservatives in the entire world.

3) Choking Victim/Leftover Crack – Crack Rocksteady

The undisputed kings of anti-police songs, this is their least song that I love, but I couldn’t help but put a Ska sounding jingle that goes:

“Crack Rock Steady,
Are you ready to stop
The rotten blue menace?
Let’s go kill us a cop.
Crack Rock Steady,
Are you ready?

Living above the law!”

2) Dicks – I hate police

On a merely music level my favourite one among ACAB songs.

1) Tear Me Down – Più Sbirri Morti

Oh, there will be a Spanish, Russian or Chinese song surely better than this one, but come on, More ORPHANS, More WIDOWS…


Humorous: David Peel – Oink Oink (HAHAHAHAHAH)

Not Punk: Public Enemy – Fuck The Police (here the choice was endless, but I had to put one)

Italian: Impossibili – I Cani Blu (Not only hardcore in Italy, even the most ramonesian brothers hate blue dogs as it should be)

Alberto – Flamingo Records

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