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Tuscia Hardcore 2019: report and photos

Tuscia Hardcore 2019 | CSOA Valle Faul, Viterbo | July 27th, 2019

To end with a bang this hectic July, this last weekend the Radio Punk crew decides to bring the distro to Viterbo, on the occasion of the Tuscia Hardcore Fest but, this year, in a different location than previous editions. We are at Csoa Valle Faul, a historic squat active since the 90’s, despite some location changes due to force majeure.
Here we stop for a little clarification: this report has been written thanks to the contribution of various people and, in order to respect the individual experience, we have decided to not unify the first person narrator to “we”, but to leave the first person singular when it seemed to be more appropriate.
Once having placed the distro early in the morning, we immediately realize that we are surrounded by scrubs, thus the main danger might have come from a redskins’ attack.
Joking aside, the place is particularly suggestive, the former granary, in fact, emerges from numerous golden-yellow hills.

After the routine greetings and chats, we head to the bar to have a beer.
The bar is self-managed by the guys of the Tuscia Clan Collective. Whenever they organize concerts and festivals, they do it strictly and 100% DIY style, taking care of every organizational aspect, from food to the sounds on stage and the relationships with the bands.

After the screening of the long and interesting documentary “Se Ho Vinto Se Ho Perso” (i.e. “If I Win If I Lose”) we talked about here, the concerts start in daylight.
The fist band to break the ice is IX Bolgia from Tuscia, who present their demo, mixed in record time by the great Tomei.
It is a young band harking back to old school punk hardcore. They are great on stage and the singer bravely tries to involve the few and shy people below them.
It is a band we will hear about and honourable mention for of the Affluente cover “Un’Elegante Bocca Democratica” (i.e. “An Elegant and Democratic Mouth”)!

Following is 40127’s turn, and also for them it is the big day: today they present their first ep. The young Bolognese band delights us with their bluesy street punk proposal, which is certainly unique.
Their live exhibition rocks and we appreciate a lot the new songs, played with the right engagement and grit.
They conclude with a punk rock version of “Johnny B. Goode” and we can’t help but say “great job guys”!

From Naples with fervour start The Radsters, with their fast and strained punk rock, in which we found the Motorhead influence. Charismatic performance that denotes a great on-stage experience.
The audience starts getting excited and attracted by this wonderful set.
“Are we happy about this concert? A facc ro’ cazz! (Neapolitan phrase to say “of course we are!”)

Meanwhile meeting old and new friends, rivers of beer flow and, looking above our head we realize that all our curses had a consequence: the sky is preparing the apocalypse.

We move the distro inside thanks to the help of 40127, who turn out to be really valid stagehands.
The first band that we enjoy from the new spot is Choke Wire, from Rome.
Powerful and violent hardcore, with aggressive riffs and very tight rhythms.
This band demonstrates its experience as well and make even the shyest people approach to the stage.

Subsequently are on stage the only international guests, Desacato Civil from Brazil, who, after the introduction speech made by their Italian friend, show us what they are made of.
We had already seen them at Rotten River but, on this occasion, they are able to do their best with the audience being closer, they release a great energy.
The band throws out loud lyrics against fascism and all the authoritative political systems, it is impossible to not get thrilled!

Then we go back to Lazio as the Capitolin Nofu start. They play a really tough live set, with their highly thrash Hc, which reminds me of Negazione in the late 80’s, also because of the lyrics exclusively in mother tongue with introspective and tormented topics, but with a willingness to change things in a positive way.
The feedback below the stage is great and the mosh becomes truly violent track after track.

Everything continues with the Old School “Bandana Style”, like the one that Ira singer wears on his head, a band from Tuscia but with a drummer of Castelli Romani origin, which proposes an Italian-sang Hardcore that reminds me of Impact, Indigesti, Sottopressione and other similar bands.
The lyrics mix political protest and inner torment and are already sung at the top of the kids’ voice below the stage, despite their Demo Tape has recently come out (they gifted me with the tape and I keep it jealously!).
Among jumps and the mosh, Ira’s live show is a pure pleasure; they warm up the uvulas and the muscles of the audience before the historical bands go up on stage.

Kina, who surely don’t need introductions, begin to play when it is thundering outside but it is not raining yet. Since the beginning of the first song they crowd the hangar, where everybody starts to mosh and sing their real hymns and there are also those who, from the rears, document one of the stages of their reunion tour.
Everybody enjoys as he wish the concert of a band that we can really define as historical, among tracks from the early records in classic hc style and the ones more melodic and “emotional” from milestones as “Se ho vinto, se ho perso” (“If I win, If I lose”), which is absolutely one of the must-have records in a punk rock collection worthy of respect (sorry for the pride of a vinyl collector!). A flawless set without any imperfection from real professionals as Kina are, three white-haired boys who demonstrated to still have energy and a young heart!

The other veteran headliners of Tuscia Hc, Nabat, don’t lack the kids’ energy either.
Despite the technical issues due to the bad weather that interrupted the live show for a few minutes, the audience did not lose heart and created wonderful moments starting choirs lit from the flashes of lightning.
Once everything was fixed, the dear Bolognese rattled off, one after the other, all their classics, perfectly suited for the general sing along, without forgetting to play some tracks of their most recent record, “Banda randagia” (i.e. “Stray Gang”).
Between an anthem and a chorus sung by the crowd of the present people, their leader, Steno, does not miss the occasion to have a dig at the fake left wing governing Bologna, which makes songs as the well-known “Laida Bologna” or “Scenderemo nelle strade” even more relevant than when they were written several years ago. It is a sign that the socio-political situation is not improving at all.
Nabat do not fail to congratulate with the Tuscia Clan Crew and we, from Radio Punk, agree as well, without making rhetorical speeches but recognizing them to have done a great job once again, organizing with passion, activism and dedication a wonderful festival that unifies politics, punk hardcore, aggregation and fun.
The D.I.Y. attitude together with professionalism in the attention to details, make the Tuscia Hc one of the best festivals in Italy, with a genuine planning against any kind of “pose” and catwalk of the fake Saturday night alternative people.
Go on like this!
Aside from the Tuscia Clan crew, particularly Francesco and Gianmarco, we want to thank Paolina and Baku for the wonderful company and journey, all the bands, Capò, Flavio, Cinzia, Gippy and Guido, Digio and Simone, Emanuele, Marco, Ciro and all the people who spent time for chatting with us!
See you next time!

Report by Riccardo Santi, Tom and Zoe
Translation by Martina

Photo by Zoe – Radio Punk
You’re allowed to repost the photos but we kindly ask you to give credit to photographers and Radio Punk. As usual, for high definition photos contact us at or facebook or  instagram.

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