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U.K. SUBS stop off at Ferrara

Unmissable appointment at Blackstar Club with U.K. SUBS

Led by the tireless Charlie Harper (73 years old), U.K. SUBS for their “40 years anniversary tour” will stop on February 6 at the Blackstar Club of Ferrara.

Since 1977, the British band has been playing all over the world, keeping their punk rock spirit intact over the years. Charlie on vocals, Steve Straughan on guitar, Alvin Gibbs on bass and Jamie Oliver on drums: this is the line-up that still manages to excite with their incisive recordings and their fascinating live, which made them the undisputed pioneers of the genre.

Bislers, hardcore punk band from Ferrara, will support them on this date.
Waiting to enjoy them on stage, check here the info about the event!

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