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Drain Down, Maid of Ace, The Exploited @ Mostovna

Fast hardcore and sing along for a rainy night with The Exploited

On an evening of autumn rain, one of those nights in which the damp of Northeast Italy gets you right in the bones, it is better to escape to Mostovna, a place on the border, already in Slovenia, and which always bring along good bands and great nights.

This Sunday night is no exception and sees on stage Drain Downs, Maid of Ace and the legendary Exploited captained by Wattie.

Let’s start with the Drain Down, from Freiburg, which as soon as they go on stage I already understand the direction they take: thrash/hardcore metal. Not really my cup of tea, but I have to say that the four guys hit me and during some songs I can even bang my head up and down.

There is always time for a few chats, a couple of butts and a cider while waiting for the next band. Which are Maid of Ace, a female group from Hastings, UK: beautiful and powerful. I had already seen them in London and they had struck me. This set confirms my feeling: pure hardcore, hoarse voices, drawn guitars and choirs. Really great and highly recommended! And the songs which are not to be missed: Minimum Wage and Made in England.

And then, without missing a minute, the Exploited begin – the godfathers of hardcore metal – a historical band but always valid and that never cease to excite old and new fans. Wattie, between one pause and the other jumps and screams, down with all the classics. From UK82Troops of Tomorrow, Beat the Bastards and Cop Cars, and ending with Fuck the USASex and Violence – everyone on stage, including Maid of Ace, while Wattie is resting – and Was it Me. Well the years passed by, but after the first note everyone gets back in time, all punks true in the heart even if life has beaten you.

Here’s the photogallery by Francesco Dose

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