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Review: Negative Path – Self Titled

15 minutes of hate with Negative Path

Ladies and Gentlemen this is pure and simple fresh air for the atrophied lungs of every hardcore and thrashcore freak! I know well that these are hard times for all you that go nuts for these sounds as I do, but the underground never lets us completely starve, even when it seems that some seeds aren’t gonna sprout again. If you keep – and dig – in your crappy ikea bookcase all your Direct Control, Cut the Shit and Career Suicide as I do, this stuff is definitely perfect for your ears! 15 minutes of pure, fast and snotty hardcore punk. I have to admit, it’s not easy to talk about this record, it’s damn hard to translate into words exactly what I feel while I’m listening to it. It’s like when I wake up in the morning and I notice that nothing has ever changed; when I try to relate to the repetitive gesture chain, like a human-worm hybrid; when I realize that everyone I hate is out there, behind every damn corner; when there’s fuckin nothing to do all the time. That’s it, this records means this to me, the musical translation of these sensations that I swallow and try to dilute with my coffee. Hailing from Palermo – a city that already delivered us huge bands like LxExAxRxNx, Burst Up, Always Never Fun, Shock Troopers and so on – Negative Path already released this record in tape format, but a vinyl edition is coming soon. Thanks to the commune effort of WOOOAAARGH Records, Here and Now Records, ZAS autoproduzioni, Sedation Records, 9LIES Records, Impeto Records, Barbarie Records, SFA Records and Massimo Dolore Records and to the almighty Prenzy for the amazing artwork. I already own the tape, but I can’t wait to have the vinyl too, and even more to see these guys play live. For geographical reasons it’s quite difficult to me to reach Sicily, so get in touch with them and put up a show, or I’ll have to pay EasyJet.

PS: Try to get the hidden and subliminal message in the song Stupid Gorilla Moshpit.

Edited by Rash

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