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Review: WaterTower – WaterTower

WaterTower: 30 years of punk

To seal their 30 years in the biz, WaterTower is back in the spotlight with a self-titled album, rich in sonority that sweeps through different musical styles.
Published by Rocketman Records, this record represents the peak of a growing path which leads the band across punk, ska and hardcore, grabbing onto Motorhead, Doors, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash influences.
The band, founded back in 1989, is dropping today their last studio “fatigue” with a very 80’s mood and a modern day quality. 8 tracks that remind us about the golden age of punk in Milan, Italy. The lyrics, very explicit and communicative, drag us right into every track, while the musical arrangements nicely guide the listener from “Quello che ho” to “Umano Disumano“.
For example, the presence of brass is well-dosed and  doesn’t get boring like it sometimes happens to some excessively ska-punk records, and it blends well with the rest of the rhythm section.
Recommended for those grizzled haired punks which would still give a chance to a modern production.

Score: 7

Review by Ruiha

Translated by Ivana

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