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Vecchio Son, Bologna: Punks for Rojava with Milksnake, Omixlh, Excluded, NoWhiteRag

Friday, Oct. 11th: a night under the sign of Rojava

Let’s start from the title. Punks for Rojava. Yes, the flag with that logo was there during the whole night, on Friday at the Vecchio Son (but also on Saturday at the DIY Fest in Rimini). This is perhaps the most important fact that I’d like to underline, besides the beautiful initiative by NoWhiteRag, who collected donations to help Rojava. That’s the reason for the title. In our scene, environment, places, these solidarity-based initiatives should always be present and it was good to see that many bands supported and talked about the Kurdish cause during these events; we, as Radio Punk, totally support them.

That being said, let’s talk about this event!

Another night by (and for) the misfits from Bologna Punx at the coolest place in San Donato, – the “Bar dei Ragazzi” comes right after! – where Steno, Marianna & co. Gave life to this rehearsal room, studio, but also a place where music courses are held.

After placing our distro, we quickly move to the venue because Milksnake is about to start playing. The trio comes up with a rough, sharp, well-made punk rock. It’s impossible not to think of the Distillers, even though this band is even rougher. Well done!

The local idols, directly from the third room, hop on the stage. You never get tired of NoWhiteRag and the people here at Vecchio Son seem to know well, while they stage dive and jump in front of the most hardcore ground-stage in history. Of course, they didn’t play “I Fiori degli Schiavi”, but as soon as you hear “Come a Kobane”, “Resilience”, “Antisociale”, “Vomito Sul Mondo”, “Monsanto is Killing Me”, “and the whole setlist”, what are you gonna say? Amazing, as usual.

Now it’s time for Omixlh, from Greece; I will never pronounce it as “Omeeklee”, instead, I’ll keep saying “Omixah”, the exact way I’ll keep calling the Europa League “Coppa UEFA” and Wile E. Coyote “Willy il Coyote”. But this is another story. Anyway, this street-punk band from Greece, active since 1995, is devastating. Melody, violence and true, screamed anti-fascist anthems are combined in a unique, amazing way. This is perhaps one of the most interesting bands I’ve seen and discovered at the same time – shame on me! – lately. A B-O-M-B. They released their new album “Rebellion March” this year: would you like a review about it?

Excluded, a Mexican band which has been active for a few years now, are the last ones. The Casualties and the Acidez are the first bands which come to my mind during their set, both for the classic punk music and topics. The band is good, powerful and performs quite well live; even though they didn’t drive me crazy, I liked them and they have a good presence on the stage.

We reached the end of this night: now it’s time for greetings and to think about DIY Fest the day after.

Thank you Vecchio Son, thanks to the bands and especially to all the people who visited us at the distro!

Live report by Tom

Translation by Alessia Baraldo

Photos by Zoe – Radio Punk

You’re free to use the photos, but please credit the photographers and Radio Punk, thank you!

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