Interview with Spavaldery

They’re the masters of Rotten Roll, more likely being the only representatives of the genre (for now), they’re from Pordenone (Italy) and they are pretty straight in what they say. Be prepared for the coolest interview of the year…

Line up:
Cazorzi: Vocals
Lo Zar: Bass
Dezo: Guitar
Marcello: Drums

S: Spavaldery

-R: Hi guys, how come you chose this name, “Spavaldery”?!
-S: The name just jumped out of the founders of this band CAZORZI (vocals) e PILOT (the first drummer).
The band was born in 2010 in front of a bar just out of a night out with friends. After a few weeks, actually after the first rehearsal, LO ZAR comes in as bassist, and that’s where everything started.Then from July 2014, this year, we have the “Tractor” Marcello as drummer (North east rebels, ex Slang for drunk).

-R: How come you decided to form a band that has such a loud sound (in particular when you guys are playing live), with all these rotten and thematic choreographies? That’s genius!
-S: All was random, pure chance. We all had our personal projects, but in time the “Zero technique/only impact” rule prevailed and made us one thing, one band although we were different in musical genres. Choreografies are useful for those bands like us, who just do the same old stuff.
They’re used both as subliminal messages and as an input for the audience, to make them feel part of the show and let them free themselves from everyday stress and routine, destroying whatever comes near them.
We play as a need of expression, pure outburst, because in the end everyone just cares if you’re good at playin or if you have a Gibson or if you use the trigger, if you play the gravity blast or if you wear some weird t-shirt. We don’t care, we’re just a bunch of losers playin breakin it out on the stage, trying to show them who we really are.

-R: Ok, now talk a little about your discography, your merchandise and your future plans..
-S: In 2010 we recorded the first EP called ROTTEN ROLL. In 2012 the double CD RUSSIAN TOILETTE came out and in the same year we released the 4 ways split – cassetta “The Last Drinks Before The Storm” with our australian friends Rubbish Mob, Thrashera (brasil), Infestator (francia).
In september we recorded some tracks for the split 7″ which will be presented in Pordenone next year with our brothers in music HOBOS (from Venice) and again next year, we were asked from a band I really like for an interesting split as well…

-R: Lyrics or, better said, the topics we were talking about before, where did they come from? And how about all those objects that you guys use on the stage, where are they from?
-S: No lyrics, just expressions, titles or slogans.
If we look like funny or demential, that’s because our life is like that for real!! Our songs are just exclamations or things that really happened, both personal or things we heard of. Just as an example,THE VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE is something that a friend of us used to keep on saying, defending his undefendable motorcylce (some garelli wreck). EUROPA LEAGUE is just for teasing the useless Europa League competition (soccer), BAITA’S FALL talks about my ex guitarist who fell on the drums out of too much headbanging during a live show, THE EGGS is an expression that some italian comedians where saying some years ago..then all the other songs…I will write a book about the meaning of our lyrics, as soon as I get back from the unemployment insurance…what do you want me to say..everything makes sense but no one cares, all they care about is not to spill their beers during the concerts.. oh and the objects, we find them in the basements during removals..

-R: We’ve come to an end here. Thanks for your availability and now the usual free space to say whatever comes to your mind… Good luck with everything!
-S: Thanks for having us here, and sincere greetings to those who really support us, to those who move their head and who stamp their feet while listenin to our music, that’s all I need to be happy….at least you don’t have the parkinson’s disease, jerk…so enjoy your life and don’t waste time complaining.

Interview by T.S.

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