NEW REAL DISASTER – The Truth, The Lie and The Compromise EP – Review

I saw the “New Real Disaster” in Ferrara in December and now I listened to them, in their studio version, with the EP “The Truth, The Lie and The Compromise”.
Released September 5, 2015 by Indelirium Records, this album contains 6 punk rock songs, very catchy and easily “digestible”.
The band from Lucca delights us with 6 fairly homogeneous pieces. In spite of this, we find the influences of bands like The Clash, Bouncing Souls, Social Distortion and even a touch of irish punk in “Call It Hope”.
The female voice is scratchy and gives a sort of sprint to each song, while the bass and guitar complement each other, giving charge and carefreeness to every single track; great job on the drums accompanying everything with a few frills and force.
Ultimately the album, as you’ll see, passed the review test and if you like melodic punk rock this EP is right for you!

1. We Are – 7,5
2. Call it Hope – 6,5
3. Dream Seller – 7,5
4. RTFA – 7,5
5. Compromise – 6,5
6. Punk Rock Scene – 7



Reviewed by T.S.
Translated by G.S. and J.L.

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