The Stab – Non Verremo Spazzati Via! – Review

A breath of Punk!
Do you know when something exciting, unexpected, immediate happens? I think Italian punk is getting that feeling! I’m holding a record, a record by an Italian punk band which since 1988 has been sweating on stage keeping a straight line between old school sounds and current street punk contamination. Their previous studio album, “Nessun Ribelle”, dates back to 1994 and since then their boots have walked a long way! I’m talking about STAB. “Non verremo spazzati via” is the title of the new album by the band from Bologna, 10 tracks with a good, street, hard and immediate sound.
The first track, “Senza pietà”, makes it clear that we’re confronting a band which speaks out against the injustice that makes us wring our hands. ”
Per Te”, the second track, is a life lesson, words filling up your heart, a letter to all the kids! A charge of tom, kettledrum, snare drum starts and then that chorus you can’t help shouting with open arms, No Tav, very good lyrics and perfect arrangements which open the way to the fourth track, a great song on the words by Paolo Mazzoli “L’uomo Uccide”.
The album flows so far, including a cover of HEX, Romano’s first band before Nabat and Rude Pravo. The record goes on with “Nausea” and “Fratelli mai nati”, two songs full of rage and melancholy, up to “Ancora Qui”, a poem about past and present which makes the heart beat faster for those who fight and live for this scene every day.
The album closes with a poem by the militant poet Lance Henson very well arranged by the kids, “Questa sera piove”. There’s a lot of attitude, love for the scene, memories, mind and conscience in this record, things we need more than ever but done with humility and simplicity. A record which sends a direct message to old and new kids: time goes by, everything changes, but spirit, friendship and the will to send messages never stop. Thank you for this great album!

1- senza pietà 8/10
2- per te 8/10
3- No Tav 8/10
4- L’uomo Uccide 7/10
5- Nausea 7/10
6- Fratelli Mai Nati
8/10 7- Rage 7/10
8- Terra e fango 9/10
9- Ancora qui 9/10
10- Questa sera piove 6/10
ghost: no review not to spoil the surprise!


“Noi ce l’abbiamo messa tutta per rimanere come voi ma se ancora c’è la voglia di suonare una ragione ci sarà siete voi punk e skins siete voi e chi non è più tra noi”
(We did our outmost to stay like you, but there’s a reason if there’s still the will to play, it’s you punk and skins, it’s you and those who are no more with us) – Ancora Qui

Reviewed by M.P.
Translated by E.C.

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