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Review: Fanteria Di Prima Linea – Fanteria Di Prima Linea

Fanteria Di Prima Linea, alcohol and hardcore (and alcohol)

Today I have the pleasure of talking about Fanteria Di Prima Linea, the debut self titled album of the band Fanteria Di Prima Linea.
Ten songs that give us a lethal mix of streetpunk and hardcore, seasoned with a fair amount of violence and rawness.
The lyrics are about several different themes, from old fashioned romance (Tu sei meglio della roba, ”I like you more than drugs”) to class solidarity (L’euro del carrello, ”The coin for the shopping cart”), from alcohol consumption awareness (Bevo, ”I drink”) to sociality (Non uscir con me, ”Don’t hang out with me”).
The band hits us with a super tight record, musically solid and straight to the point.
For those who love fast drumming, singalong choruses, hardcore violence and street punk melodies, or for those who are just looking for some good music to drink along with, this is the perfect record.
Waiting for the opportunity to see them live, I’m enjoying this badass record at full blast.
In my city, we call this kind of music ”tachente”, if you wanna know what that means, give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

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