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Review: Lo Sdegno – Lo Sdegno

Solid HC from the emilian suburbs

The first EP from Lo Sdegno, straight outta Reggio Emilia since 2016, is a vulgar display of yokel sound. Their frontman’s voice is screamy and cave-like, while stirring riffs are intertwined with powerful breakdowns and New York HC rhythmic parts.

The EP is made up by 8 tracks and the lyrics, short and concise, may turn out to be a little too simplistic; anyway Lo Sdegno are not shying away from anything or anyone denouncing first and foremost those who exploit us and would like us to be slaves and robots. In this heinous reality, often leading to depression and isolation, we’ll have to fight back and keep our chin up. That’s the vitriolic message conveyed by Lo Sdegno, and we couldn’t agree more.

Summing up: a fast record, enjoyable and well played, but, according to my humble opinion, lacking in personality, within the limits of the genre, of course (we’re not talking about Power Metal!). Waiting to see them live again with great pleasure I hope their next opus will be slightly fresher. See you at the next sonic hit, Augh!

Mark: 7/10

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