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Connections. We need them again, a lot. | artwork

Not to lose the groove, to keep connections

If I had to find a title for this drawing right now, I would only be able to come up with just a few ideas. One with plenty of meaning amongst many would be “Connessioni” (Connections).

This is a very dirty artwork. One that is for sure incomplete and yet full of chromatic and architectural interlacing. As all is halted, I should draw some flash tattoos because some of my clients are waiting for dry-runs of their next tattoos. We are lucky they are willing to wait for us. Yet I cannot bring myself to do so. I feel overwhelmed, mentally shut and slow, very slow.
I wanted to dare and thus I decided to draw something completely different. A few mornings ago, I was sitting in the living room with Antay, my partner’s son and I looked through old swiss postcards and post-stamp prints. While I was rummaging through the material, I was stunned by an old post-stamp that featured bridges and mountains. It was a very unique interlacing of artificial and natural structures, the mountains, neither towering over the other but instead interweaving. A way of perceiving them that is probably connected as my current point of view which is also based on what we are living through right now.

Connections, are they not what we have needed for a while? Non-telematic, non-transparent, ghost-like, electronic or, virtual instead true, one’s-own, real, physical. We have needed those for a long time and we had stopped thinking we did up until now. We once again need real, structural and, of-our-own connections in art, music, writing and, in our everyday life.
It is probably a simple and, raw drawing. As such, it will not be able to convey so much emotions to many but I believe that in our small limited own world we are all doing something more than usual now. That is without even noticing that we are. It is really important that we do not lose the rhythm, no matter wat. “Connessioni” we once again need a lot of them.


In such a time as this of total alienation and being far apart from each other, we need real connections. Even if I am far, I really feel the need to be connected to my city and the lyrics for this song help me a lot… “If you are listening to this message talk to the sky with your eyes. Lay your digits on the struggle that you touch. PA 90100 always the same spot. It is the mark of city you cannot leave behind”

Turi Messineo

credit photo: Claudio Kamel

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